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Candid Polaroid Photography.

Our sessions are more than just photos; they're a journey into the heart of genuine connections and unfiltered emotions. Our skilled photographers specialize in candid moments, freezing the laughter, joy, and spontaneity that make your story uniquely yours.


With the iconic charm of Polaroid cameras, we create tangible memories that transcend digital pixels. No forced poses, just genuine expressions and real interactions, ensuring that each snapshot encapsulates the essence of your personality and the atmosphere around you. Let us turn your fleeting moments into timeless keepsakes, preserving the magic of the present for a lifetime.

Polaroid Photo booth.

Elevate your event with the charm of Inkbuffer's Polaroid photo booths—a delightful fusion of nostalgia and modern celebration. Our expertly curated photo booth experiences bring a touch of magic to any occasion, creating an interactive space where memories come to life. From weddings and corporate gatherings to lively celebrations, our Polaroid photo booths are meticulously designed to capture the spontaneous spirit of the moment.


Guests can step in, strike a pose, and watch as their memories develop right before their eyes, immortalized on classic Polaroid prints. It's not just a photo booth; it's a journey into the tangible, a celebration of authentic connections, and a unique way to make every event unforgettable. Let us bring the joy of instant, candid captures to your gathering, ensuring that every smile, laugh, and shared moment becomes a cherished keepsake.

Blurry Polaroids

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