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Soulful Vibes: A Night with Erykah Badu, Dos Negros, and Yasiin Bey

First and foremost, we loved the message behind Erykah Badu’s Unfollow me tour. If you were curious about why she'd want everyone to "unfollow her", well here it is. During the concert, she talked about how we shouldn’t follow her or anyone else. We’re all on our own path, our own journey, so it’s important to identify the magic within ourselves and stay true to our own unique experiences. This resonated deeply, especially in a world dominated by social media, where comparisons are all too common. It's essential to cherish our individuality, and Erykah Badu's message struck a chord with us.

Whoever styled Erykah Badu did an outstanding job! It was really cool to watch her be within her essence and bring us fashion we've never seen. Her pants were one-of-a-kind and ONLY Badu could pull it off. The long neon accessory that fell onto her long braids was magical. Let's be real, it would be hard for Erykah Badu to not score high when it comes to uniqueness.

Now, let's talk about the artists who opened before the enchantress herself took the stage. Dos Negros—our first time being introduced to them, and what an introduction it was! Their band put on an electrifying show, and it gave us tribal vibes that were utterly refreshing. The energy and rich cultural influence they brought to the stage left us spellbound. A talent like this deserves another encore, and we'd happily go see them perform again.

Next up was Yasiin Bey, and even though we weren't familiar with all of his songs, he took us on a journey back to the heart of Hip Hop, and we appreciated it immensely. His performance reminded us why we fell in love with this genre in the first place. While we may not have known all the lyrics, the nostalgia and genuine passion in his music were undeniable. We're definitely looking forward to seeing more of Yasiin Bey in the future. I’d give the concert's uniqueness a 4/5.

As far as ambiance, understand that we only spent a little over $100 for a ticket. Yes, Inkbuffer has bills. With that being said, we still had a great time. Now, our section could’ve been a little bit more lit! But who cared? We were fully immersed in the vibe Erykah Badu brought to the stage. The show lights were captivating and added to the groovy atmosphere. A shoutout to the American Airlines Center for creating a vibrant ambiance. Ambiance gets a 3.5/5.

As far as getting into the concert, it was really smooth. No long lines, no popcorn hiccups—kudos to the American Airlines Center for that! But, oh, the wait for Erykah Badu to come out! The show started at 7:30pm, but she didn’t grace the stage until almost 10pm. Not a deal-breaker, but it did make us antsy. Before the queen of soulful vibes, we grooved to Yasiin Bey and Dos Negros—great talents, but we couldn't help but wish Erykah had appeared a little earlier.. And where was the merch?! We didn't go looking for it, but we did expect to see it on the way to our seats. Nevertheless, organization gets a 4/5—almost impeccable!

Now, Erykah Badu has such an electrifying stage presence that she doesn’t really need to do a lot to captivate her audience. Seeing her perform with a band was refreshing, and the nostalgic songs she sang live were a real treat. Since we were closer to the back in a huge venue, it would've been nice to have seen her on the big screen throughout the concert. Towards the end, we started to feel a bit drowsy! It was a struggle to remain entertained the entire time and fatigue did catch up with us. However, her powerful finale with "Tyrone" revived us, and we made it happen! Entertainment gets a 3.5/5—captivating, but we got a bit sleepy towards the end.

Keep in mind, we only spent a little over $100 to attend the concert, and it was well worth it. While we were towards the back of the venue, we felt that seeing Erykah Badu on a big screen from the beginning of the performance would have made the experience even more intimate. Our friend suggested that a smaller venue might be ideal for an up-close and personal encounter with this soulful enchantress. As far as recommendation likelihood, we'd give it a strong 4/5—let her mesmerizing tunes touch your soul, and you'll thank us later.

When she played "Next Lifetime" and "Tyrone," we couldn't help but nod in agreement—she gave us everything we needed! She had us floating on a cloud of soulful bliss. The concert was an experience like no other, a soulful journey that will leave you feeling inspired and reconnected to the magic within yourself.

As we reflect on the night, we can't help but appreciate the soulful performances of Dos Negros and the nostalgic Hip Hop vibes brought by Yasiin Bey. They added an extra layer of depth and diversity to the concert, making it an unforgettable evening.

Inkbuffer's mission is to seek out and share unique experiences, and this concert certainly lived up to that promise. From the thought-provoking messages woven into Erykah Badu's performance to the high-energy and cultural influences of Dos Negros, each moment was a treasure to behold.

So, whether you're a die-hard Erykah Badu fan or someone curious to explore a world of soulful enchantment, we highly recommend attending any other Badu concert that catches your eye. The entire night was a celebration of authenticity, energy, and soul-stirring music—a perfect reminder to cherish our individual journeys and embrace the magic within.

Keep an eye out for more unique experiences and captivating events brought to you by Inkbuffer. We're passionate about inspiring and uplifting our community, and concerts like this one are just the beginning of our thrilling journey together.


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